Training Opportunities

The PWCB partners with its sister organization, the Margaret L Shaw Institute for Perinatal Mental Health, to be a leader in perinatal and reproductive mental health training.  The Shaw Institute has on-going partnerships with The University of Colorado at Boulder, The University of Denver, and Naropa University, and each year the Shaw Institute training program has several spots for interns interested in this field.

Intern qualifications include:

1. Intern must demonstrate an approved level of current knowledge and interest in issues surrounding perinatal mental health.

2. Intern must be open to supporting and treating pregnant and lactating women who require pharmaceutical medicine as a part of their treatment.

3. Intern must be self-motivated in learning; this placement requires self-directed reading and research.

4. Intern must be self-motivated and comfortable with marketing; this placement requires a willingness to market ones-self in the community in order to help with low-fee client referrals, and requires professionalism in representing a larger practice in community settings. 

5. Intern must be open to case-management and collaborative treatment.

6. Intern should demonstrate self-reflective capacity, willingness to work collaboratively with various systems, and an ability to think critically about the role of the clinician in the therapeutic process.

Students training with the PWCB/Shaw Institute will be expected to engage in the following:

1. 8-10 hours in an ObGyn office providing postpartum mental health assessments, collaborating with doctors and nurses, and providing clinic-based crises management when necessary.

2. 5-10 hours of on-going psychotherapy support to perinatal women and their families at the PWCB offices.

Other opportunities involve group facilitation, community psychoeducation, and on-going community collaboration

The intern will receive weekly supervision from a licensed perinatal mental health specialist.

For more information or to send a resume and letter of interest, please contact